This Revelation 18:23 – By Thy Sorceries Were all Nations Deceived post is about Graphene Oxide and how to remove it from your body.

Below is the conclusion from an article from NaturalNewsdotcom called ‘new science reveals how 5G cell tower signals can activate “payloads” carried by graphene oxide inside the body, deploying drugs or chemical weapons via remote activation.’

Graphene Oxide (GO), which can carry chemical or biological payloads, can be introduced into the body through C0VID vaccines or swabs.

C0VID vaccines — which are now widely known to have had nothing to do with halting any pandemic (since even the White House and CDC both admit they do not halt transmission or infections) — could have theoretically been used to inoculate people with GO payloads which have not yet been activated.

The release of those payloads can be controlled by external cell tower signals which cause specific voltage changes in human cells. EMF Radiation Sickness mimics flu symptoms.

Some voltage changes are already known to occur with exposure to cell tower radiation, especially with 5G.

GO payloads can include ‘kill switch’ payloads such as nerve agents or infectious agents.

The 5G tower system can therefore function as a chemical weapons payload release infrastructure system to achieve a ‘mass kill’ of populations which were previously inoculated with payload-carrying GO.

Thus, it is plausible — but not proven — that vaccines + 5G cell towers could be exploited as a depopulation weapon system to achieve near-simultaneous mass extermination of a large percentage of the human population, simply by activating GO payload release with a specific broadcast energy intensity and frequency.

Below are suggestion from an article from Nutritruth about how to remove graphene oxide from your body.

Supplement with NAC which is a precursor to Glutathione. – The evil ones know that this supplements works well, so they’ve tried to limit the availability of NAC. You can find it online or at health food stores.

I use Jarrow Formulas Glutathione

Zinc in combination with NAC are essential antioxidants used to degrade graphene oxide.

Astaxanthin – I use this Nutrex Hawaii BioAstin Astaxanthin product.


Milk Thistle

Olive leaf extract – Ivermectine and Hydroxy-chloroquine prescription treats CV-19 and is cheap to make and distribute. Olive leaf extract contains Oleuropein, a natural alternative to Hydroxy-chloroquine. I use Healths Harmony Olive Leaf

Quercetin – I take this Sandhus Zinc Quercetin product.

Vitamin C

Vitamin D3  – Vitamin D3 is best taken with K2 for maximum benefits. I take this D3 + K2 product from Zhou Nutrition.

Daily exposure to the sun helps your body naturally produce Vitamin D. Don’t wear sunglasses, so that your body knows that it’s sunny and it optimizes your sun exposure to reap the health benefits.

Here are some other ways to reduce the effects of EMF Radiation.

Orgone products help to naturally counter the effects of the EMF wavelengths in your home, at work or on the go; as we are surrounded by wifi and mobile phone signals. They don’t block the EMF per se, but rather they reduce its affects on the body.


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