This Revelation 18:23 – By Thy Sorceries Were all Nations Deceived post features a video from the false prophet Jesuit Superior General, Arturo Sosa.

Notice how the General smirks a bit when making statements about the CV agenda, as the VX is their solution to their created crisis. He says things in a certain way, to tell truth, that this crisis is not an accident, but rather that it was created by the evil ones to promote their agenda.

I just cover what he said from 37:30 to the 40 minute mark. The text of what he said is below.  I’ve inserted my comments in red [ ].


“Really—DON’T forget that this also is NOT an accident. It is NOT an accident the COVID-19. [It’s not an accident, because the evil Jesuits created the CV narrative to provide the wicked VX solution, which is causing many people to die.]

It is the fruit of a way—rather, how all human beings will understand to create our ONE relationship with each other.

And it is a Confirmation of OUR Mission to collaborate to contribute in the change of this world. [The Jesuit’s mission is to control the whole world and the CV and climate-change agendas are the two-headed boogie-man which they are using to accomplish their goals.]

And I think we can show the people—through reflecting about the COVID-19—the fragility of the world we have created, and how we need to truly get together, so we can go in ANOTHER way. [They have caused the world to be fragile from their CV VX, child vaxx programs, fake harmful foods, chemtrail spraying, RoundUp spraying on grain crops, etc., which compromise the human immune system.]

And DON’T think, as if after the crisis things are going to change. There are very many who are interested in this idea, and so many of us are so used to the way of the past. [They have moved the world forward toward their New World Order, and will not give countries or people their rights back.]

We are dreaming to come back to our individual normality, we are dreaming to just live as we were before the virus came to our life. But that—is the great temptation. [They’ve created a new normal in which people may compromises for the supposed greater good of humanity.]

So to take an opportunity of this crisis, is to be aware that something MUST have to change, because really we are in a very fragile structure of human relationship and life. [They created a crisis to provide a solution. They faked the CV crisis to provide the CV VX as a solution, which is causing many people to die.]

So DON’T forget this crisis—NOT, ‘yes okay, that was a bad night or nightmare. And now we are awake again, and we are in our life as before again!’

Nope, nope. We HAVE to understand the lesson, that IF WE DON’T CHANGE after this, THE NEXT ONE WILL BE WORSE. [If people don’t compromise their rights, get tested, ability by CV rules, etc., they will create another boogie man variant to force nations and people into giving up their rights under the guise of saving humanity.

All the world is a stage and all roads lead to Rome!

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